Which are the freest countries in the world?


Which are the freest countries in the world? The concept of freedom has changed through the history. In the past, during the big wars, the freedom meant simply not to be in a war (which is still a goal for some countries in the world), and war oppresses everything that makes a human to feel free. But, after the war has ended, in the newer history of the civilization, freedom started to change its meaning. Today, when we say freedom, we are not thinking of what an individual considers for freedom, which is hard to put in one definition. When we say freedom, we think of what kind of political and social environment has to be for all people in order to have tolerance, justice, right to vote, political pluralism, human rights, personal rights like legalization of same-sex marriages, freedom of speech etc. All of that can be summed up at categories of an economy, civil and personal rights.

Western countries have worked hard on providing their people the freedom they need. The results in the rest of the world can vary. But the Western countries have a stable economy, a working legal system and the will to make things change, so that make the good foundation for the further work on this problem. There are some countries that have succeeded in providing their citizens the rights that guarantee the freedom.

Insider Monkey has published an article that lists 10 Freest Countries in The World. According to Insider Monkey, Netherlands is holding the 10th position, since the Fraiser in 2012 gave them a score of 8.40 out of 10, the Cato in 2013 gave them a score of 8.42 out of 10 and the Freedom House in 2016 gave them a score of 99 out of a 100. It is the country with high level of freedom related to sex and drugs. To check the rest of this interesting list, click on the Insider Monkey’s link above.