Which are the ways Michelle Obama contributed to childhood nutrition? Michelle Obama, alongside her husband, is one of the people’s favorite first ladies. As she is only the first lady that has 2 Ivy League degrees and a mother of two girls, Malia and Sasha she will be remembered as a remarkable lady who did not come to the White House just to be a wife of a president. She took action and made programs and took initiatives as she did not plan to be a passive first lady. She grew up in Chicago before moving to Princeton University to study sociology and African American studies and then went to Harvard Law School postgraduate studies. All her life she enjoyed helping the community, firstly in Chicago, then everywhere else.

Michelle came to the White House in 2009, and at the same moment, she began the work on her big passion: children. She wanted to create a program about childhood nutrition and physical activity. Even though she focused on education and veterans, her biggest impact is in the childhood nutrition. She focused on that subject being aware of the obesity problem in the USA that is not present just among the adults, it the past years the number of children obesity is rising. So it is very important to help those children and teach them how to feed themselves properly, how to start exercising, overall how to live healthier.

If you are interested in ways the first lady influenced and contributed childhood nutrition, we suggest you read Insider Monkey’s article Michelle Obama’s Greatest Legacy: 6 Ways She Contributed to Childhood Nutrition. At the 6th place on the list is Honorary chair of the Partnership for a Healthier America which is a nonprofit for helping the private sector to make healthier choices. Being an honorary chair, the first lady helped promote 225 corporate commitments and partnerships.To find out the rest of this list, just click on the link above.