Serial killers are psychologically disturbed, and on top of that, the serial killers we will talk about today also cannibalize their victims. I just do not have words to describe how appalling this is. It seems like a plot of a blood and gore movie. Unfortunately, these psychos are the ones who inspire plots of such movies. Serial killers treat humans as objects. They do not recognize other human beings as entities with feeling and emotions. But these serial killers take it to a whole new level. As you can see, we will be talking about 10 serial killers in this list of ours, and all 10 of them were the worst possible example of a human being. Never leave yourself open, always follow all the safety measures necessary to secure your family. I had a cold chill crawl down my spine when I read the article, I assume this is going to happen to you to, so be prepared. While reading a scary story, I know that the events happening to the characters in the story are made up, and nobody is actually getting hurt in the event. But, reading through this particular article will take its toll on you.

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