10 Best Anti-Religion Documentaries of All Time


From the title you can say right away that this is a rather weird one. We cannot really tell for sure since when atheism and agnosticism became prevalent in society because back in the day, people were terrified that they will be persecuted mercilessly if their liberal views were known. However, things have changed quite a lot since then, now the world works a lot differently. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and pursue their ideas in whichever way they see fit, as long as they are not harming anybody. Video is a strong medium, and ever since the invention of movie cameras, people have utilized this potent medium to spread messages and emotions across the world. The “anti-religion” documentaries are nothing different than a message from atheists and agnostics, they wish to prove that religion is a construct of our minds alone, and there exists no such thing as a higher being. We are in no position to comment on this, because we would like to assume a neutral position on the matter. What you believe in is entirely up to you, and if you want then you should take a look at these documentaries. All we can say that these documentaries have garnered praise from various sources.

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