10 Best Canadian Dividend Stocks To Buy and Hold


If you are thinking about investing in a foreign country, then you just cannot go wrong with Canadian. It also helps quite a lot that there are over 176 Canadian companies listed in the U.S according to nasdaq.com. Canadian stocks have good reputation in general and a lot of the hedge funds that we track at Insider Money have shown explicit interest in Canadian stocks. If you are thinking about investing in Canadian stocks then I am sure our analysis on the matter will help you make good investment decision. We have based our research on several world class hedge funds in our database that invest in Canadian stocks, and as the name suggests we have selected only those Canadian stocks that pay a steady dividends at the end of each period. If you are thinking about buying and holding the stocks, then these are the Canadian stocks that will maximize your earnings at the end of the period. However, this is merely the short intro to our full article, and the premise does not allow me to give you more intricate details regarding this topic. Instead, I will point you to the full article located at Insider Monkey’s blog.

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