10 Best Cities for LGBT Families


The struggle for equality is perhaps the oldest and longest running struggle in human history. Even though, in every major religion and every major and established social creed, all of humankind is stated to be equal, but some people just will not understand that fact and abide by it. It is the twenty-first century and yet people are openly homophobic and even carryout hate crimes against anyone who is not heterosexual. Even in the United States, a country that severs as the beacon of freedom and hope for the rest of the world, LGBT people are socially ostracized in some cities by majority of people, just for being who they really are. For someone belonging to the LGBT community, this can be extremely frustrating and disheartening. It is exactly like racism, a foul belief that someone is somehow inferior to others in this case, for their sexual orientation instead of the color of their skin. The strangest thing is, there are people who truly believe that racism is unjust, but they are very much homophobic. Perhaps, in time situation will change, and people will eventually learn to accept others as they are and stop judging them based on skin color or sexual orientation.

Till that comes, if you belong to the LGBT community or you belong to an LGBT family, then it would be better to stick to the cities that we have come up with in our list today. Our researchers have done a great job of putting the list of 10 Best Cities for LGBT Families together. Just click the link to learn more about it.