10 Best Cities for Pale Skin


Summer’s just around the corner, and you know what that means – sun hats, sunscreen, and getting sunburnt. Indeed, the hottest season of the year is no picnic for the pale-skinned. Ah, picnics.. How many have you regretted due to that unpleasant sunburn afterwards? It seems whatever you’re using, it just isn’t enough. How about moving to one of Insider Monkey’s 10 best cities for pale skin, then?

When you have pale skin, some everyday little things can be rather challenging. For ladies, there’s choosing the right foundation and concealer. They never seem to be pale enough. Also, you’re not even a fan of applying too much makeup. However, one day without blush or foundation, and everyone is asking about your health, while you’re rolling your eyes on the inside. As for the male population, being pale is a bit of a hassle, too. None of your friends with darker complexion has to apply sunscreen regularly. On the other hand, a pool party can have quite a nasty aftermath if you’re not fully covered with a protective layer. Not to mention they keep throwing jokes about your feminine products.

Still, what most people often forget is the fact that we should all be taking care of our skin. There’s a worrying tendency of an increased number of skin cancer cases in the US alone. The sun isn’t what it used to be, and everybody is more prone to skin damage. Fortunately, the fair-skinned are fully aware of that and protect themselves on time. Those who don’t have skin issues, usually decline to take special care until it’s too late.

So, how did Insider Monkey do its research? The most obvious way of determining which city is the best for pale skin is to look at its average UV index, isn’t it? That surely was the starting point. However, one more criterion came into play. You must’ve noticed how red and swollen your skin gets after a mosquito bite. In comparison to your tanned friends, you suffer a great deal more. For this reason, Insider Monkey chose to include the cities which have the least mosquito population into the equation, too.

Also, here you will find out which are the best places for people with dry skin, psoriasis, and eczema. As for the humid weather, while the majority says it’s the most favorable weather for all skin types, some would disagree. In particular, people with oily skin. They simply can’t stand that much moist in the air, while you would be just fine with it.

To summarize, if you’re tired of having red and swollen spots, and you wish to be less worried about the ozone layer and the sun’s rays, go to 10 best cities for pale skin, and see which city would be the best for you.