10 Best Countries for American Fugitives


Today we will be talking about something rather curious and sinister, we will be talking about 10 Best Countries for American Fugitives. Hopefully, our readers will not need to flee America in order to hide from the law, but we would rather like to entertain the crime fantasy. At least once, every person wants to become a gangster and live the life of a mob boss. This is the reason why crime drama films are so popular, especially among the male demographic. There is something rather alluring about the stories of doing the job and then spending the rest of your life smothered in riches in a far off country away from trouble and worry. So, if you happen to be a member of this genre of movies and novels or just a crime buff, then I think you are going to have a good time reading the full article on this topic. Just put yourself in the shoes of a hardened criminal and try to imagine where you would go to evade the law and enjoy the riches that you have accumulated. If you have so far enjoyed this, then I assure you, you will love the full article.

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