10 Best Countries to Raise a Black Family


“White supremacy has been around for a long while and we have constantly witnessed evidence of the deeply ingrained beliefs of the whites that they are the symbol of civilization and that people of color are sub-human. As such, colonialism and the so-called “white man’s burden” are deeply intertwined, and we see history littered with atrocities committed by white people against the blacks, including, but certainly not limited to, the scramble for Africa and the Atlantic slave trade. Other indigenous peoples were also subjugated, such as the Native Americans and the Indians.”

The above extract provides a glimpse into the level of critical perspective on white supremacy and racial intolerance that this article published by InsiderMonkey on the 10 best countries to raise a black family provides. It’s a terribly sad reality that the principles of equal treatment and justice still aren’t in place despite the mounting opposition to racism. For people of color, discrimination is still very real; a problem that they must prepare to meet at least once in their lives, and learn to cope with. But hey, it’s getting better; you need only click on the link to appreciate the growing level of tolerance amongst nations. Besides giving objective analysis, InsiderMonkey also undertakes intensive research to give you the best possible compilation of the world’s most accommodating nations. It factors in the quality of life that each country offers as well, all-in-all definitely giving the reader what he/she sets out to read.