10 Best Countries to Teach in International Schools


Usually when you see a title like this, the article is limited to only English language teachers. Well, not this one. Without a doubt, the criterion used in 10 best countries to teach in international schools suits all teachers, regardless of the subject.

It’s often overlooked that teaching is one of the noblest jobs. You are taking care of people and helping them learn the vital information for their future. What is more, your job usually involves shaping young minds and enticing them to become more open to new ideas, people, and cultures. A great teacher is simply invaluable. If the respect for you matches a high international school teacher salary, then you can be perfectly content. By the way, when talking money matters, some of the best countries to teach English and save money can be found in an article about 13 highest paying countries for teachers, or, more precisely, you can take a look at the 15 Highest Paying Cities for Teachers.

How did Insider Monkey create this list? First, they checked which countries offer the most exclusive and prestigious international schools. Then, added the highest paying employer countries to the list.Finally, there comes the last criterion. Answer yourself: How important is it to you to be able to move freely and feel at ease? We’re talking the human freedom index here. The countries were ranked according to how much freedom (concerning religion, trade, speech etc.) is guaranteed in it.Interestingly enough, the first country on the list is also the first in the official world human freedom list.

Doesn’t that sound like this list is really offering you the best countries in the world for teachers? Take a look at 10 best countries to teach in international schools and start sending those CVs. Knowing where to go really takes the pressure off, doesn’t it?