The United States has always welcomed the bright and the brilliant from all over the world. The field of dentistry is no exception to that either. If you take a look at any renowned US school, you will find quite a few foreign students in every class. If you happen to be a foreign educated student, and would want to finish your studies in US, then I believe this list will definitely help you find the best residency program for you. There are a lot of dentistry schools in America, but not all of them are regarded as highly as the ones that made our list today. Regardless of the methodology we employ, our researchers do a very tough and meticulous job of finding out the the entrants to every list. I am confident that if you follow our list in selecting your residency program, you are going to love it. Of course, a lot of variables are at play here. Cost, location, entry criteria are just the major few. If anything, going through the full article will allow you to narrow down your search for the perfect residency program that is for sure.

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