Bath and body works needs no introduction. If you have ever shopped for bath products, scented candles and other similar fragrant products, then you have definitely come across the brand bath and body works. I mean these guys are huge. Did you know that the company that owns Bath and Body Works also owns Victoria’s secret? Well, now you do, Bath and Body Works is under the umbrella of L Brands. Anyway, as you can see from the title of this article that today we are going to talk about Bath and Body Works candles, and not just any candles but those that give you the sensation of fall. Bath and Body Works is no stranger when it comes to seasonally scented candles, they have been known to primarily carry such products. If you are looking to get a few scented candles that will remind you of the fall season, then our list will definitely help you. Because, the inventory of Bath and Body Works is not exactly small when it comes to fall scented candles, and it would literally take you hours to go through their entire fall inventory. Thankfully, our researchers have done that for you, and have made a list of their best products.

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