10 Best Free Dating Apps For Android Phones


When it comes to smartphones, there are only really two competing operating systems in the market right now. The Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. I am not going to say which one is the better, because that is still up for debate and both sides are pretty evenly matched in terms of technical aspects. However, the cost of owning an IOS device is clearly the reason why so many people today are leaning toward android operated devices. Now that said, right now in the market there are more Android users than IOS users. If you own an Android device and you are looking for a free dating app that runs on Android, then our today’s article is definitely going to help you a lot. Of course, the premium features of these apps will be behind a paywall, but the charm of the apps listed here is that you can most functionality of these apps without ever having to shell out cash. Unfortunately, in this short intro I cannot give you further details, and I also do not want to spoil the main article for you. Instead, let me show you how you can reach the full article at insider monkey’s blog page.

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