10 Best Places to Retire in Africa


If you like diverse cultures, Africa is a place you should look into. Even though Africa is no longer a colony of western and eastern powers, but still the influence of Roman, Islamic and European touches can be seen in its prominent cities and bustling streets. But let’s not forget Africa has some unique challenges too, which to be fair might act as a deal breaker for some people. However, for a westerner who intends to live in Africa for a considerable amount of time, there is some good news as well. Take exchange rate for the American dollar, for example. If I say that you can practically live like a count in Africa, I will not be exaggerating that much. Well, when it comes to the overall livability of an African country we must consider many more things than just the exchange rates. And to learn the details you must read through the full article, as this short intro does not allow me enough liberty to talk about those things in full details. But, I can and will most certainly point you in the right direction.

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