10 Best Places to Retire in Belize


Belize is most certainly not the cheapest countries to retire to. If you are looking at Belize as your retirement destination, it is safe to assume that you already have taken care of the finance. That said, if you are interested in retiring to a tropical paradise, then you cannot go wrong with Belize. The country may be small compared to some other competing tropical locations, but it sure does pack a big punch when it comes to charm and scenery. Well, it must be said that there are some Latin American and Asian countries out there that offer the tropical beauty at a much cheaper package, but little perks like a great English speaking community, awesome 55+ communities in almost every locale around the country make it just a bit more attractive. Also, expats and foreign retirees living there at present have very high opinion of Belize for anyone willing to spend their golden years in peace. Also, there is a lot of fun activities to do in Belize, during both day and night. But, packing your bags and setting sail should wait till you find the right place to retire to in Belize.

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