10 Best Places to Retire in Florida On Social Security


Getting old is part of life, and no matter what we do, it the end we must face the old age and all the baggage that comes with it. It is certainly not something a person looks forward to, but it is indeed unavoidable. For our today’s topic, we are going to consider the absolute worst case scenario that could happen to you after your retirement. For the sake of this article, let us consider the possibility that the only source of income available to you after you retire is going to be the social security money. It is rather sad, but there a many people out there living off of only the income they get from social security. Now the amount that you are going to get at the retirement age is roughly 2600 dollars a month. And if you are living in a state where taxes are quite high, then you can say goodbye to a big portion of that money as well. Now this is where Florida should become a rather suitable candidate, since Florida does not change its state income tax.

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