Did you always wanted to have a lakeside house? Well, I can imagine why people are so keen to be around beautiful bodies of water. They are soothing for one, they promote a kind of calm that you cannot get from anything else. Now that being said, if you are looking forward towards the last day of your work, and retire in an awesome community by the water, you just cannot go wrong with Florida. To start with, Florida is an awesome state to move in to. You get beautiful weather all year round, the people are wonderful, the cities are just amazing, and to top it all off, Florida has a majestic coastline spreading across its edges. Therefore, if you picture yourself enjoying living in a lakeside house surrounded by your loved ones, Florida should be way up high on your list. Keeping this in mind, our researchers have done a great job of finding out best places you can move into after you retire in Florida. Of course we have taken into account the possibility of long term stay, and property ownership and most importantly the presence of a body of water in the vicinity.

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