In recent years, many US citizens have been moving to foreign countries to live out their golden years. And it is quite understandable, given the current socioeconomic condition of the United States, if a person wishes to live a quiet and less hectic life he/she can look at other countries for an alternative place to live after retirement. Firstly, if you are considering a European country to live your golden years in, you are looking at the right place. Europe is highly regarded as the birthplace of western philosophy, knowledge and culture. Now let us be a little more specific. Today, we will be taking a look at Germany, and its potential as a retirement destination. When it comes to natural beauty, and being close to nature, you just cannot go wrong with Germany. The country is full of amazing tourist spots that are famous for natural beauty. On the other hand, German engineering and forward thinking is known throughout the world. I mean, if you would like to live in a futuristic city, you can also do that in Germany. But, when we are talking about living long term in a country, there are several things we must take into account.

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