10 Best Places to Retire in India


I guess India needs no introduction. In the past few decades, India has transformed itself from to a superpower, and also achieved the status of an emerging market in Asia. India is also the most visited countries in Asia by westerners. Of course India can be a great place to retire to, if you are looking to spend your golden years surrounded by diverse cultures, colorful people and amazing festivals and rituals. Also, the natural beauty of India attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world to its shores. Another amazing thing about India is its tropical weather. You can pretty much find anything you are looking for in India. Even though the national language is Hindi, but due to the huge diversity, there are a lot of other languages that are spoken in India, and thus most Indians learn English as a second language, so you will not have to face the daunting language barrier as well. And most importantly, the exchange rate of US dollars to Indian rupee is really attractive. If you are looking to live “exotic” in your golden years, I highly recommend that you check out the full article.

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