10 Best Places to Retire in New Hampshire


So you are considering New Hampshire as your retirement destination? Well, I must say that New Hampshire as a retirement destination has a lot of promise. First off, if you are a foodie and like seafood in particular, then you are going to absolutely love New Hampshire, as it is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the east, it has a booming fishing industry. And New Hampshire is also well known for its amazing maple syrup. If you are looking for some physical activity, then you just cannot go wrong with skiing, and New Hampshire offers ample opportunity for that as well. And when it comes to quality of life around the state, then you can be sure New Hampshire is second to none, as the state motto is “Live free or die”. As it so happens, New Hampshire is the first state to declare independence from England. It is definitely a place for high spirited and free willed people. If you identify yourself as one such person then you will feel absolutely at home in New Hampshire. Now, that said, even though New Hampshire is not that huge of a state, but you must still figure out where it is most convenient to live from the perspective on a retiree.

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