10 Best Places to Retire in New York


Most people think about only New York City when they think about New York, but there are so much more to the state apart in New York City. Of course, when it comes to desirability, New York City is going to top the charts with flying colors, as it is perhaps the most desirable city to live in for the most people of the world. However, today we are going take look at the state of New York as a retirement destination. And when we look at things through the perspective of a retiree, there are certain things that must be taken under consideration. New York is a big state, and it is full of natural wonders. Also, if you like socializing, you are going to absolutely love New York, as the people there are extremely friendly and kindhearted, and always welcoming. That being said, New York is not really an economic place to live in. The cost of living, especially around New York City can be really very high, as it is the largest city in the country. However, as I said earlier, there more to the state than just NYC.

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