10 Best Places to Retire in Norway


When it comes to standard of living, hardly any country matches up to the standards of Scandinavian countries. That being said, it is also true that Scandinavian countries are home to perhaps the most expensive cities to live. If you look up the most expensive cities list we did a few days back, you will surely find a handful of Scandinavian countries there. It is the richest part of Europe. So, if you are considering a Scandinavian country to retire to, then I think it is safe to assume that you are quite wealthy to begin with. Latest statistics show that the high earning individuals tend to retire to a foreign country than their home country. So, you are likely to find several 55+ foreign communities living in Norway. Our researchers have done extensive research on the matter and have come up with a list of best places to live in Norway for retirees. I am certain that the following article will help you decide where you want to reside in Norway after you retire. Therefore, without further ado, let me point you to the article itself.

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