10 Best Places to Retire in Rhode Island


The Rhode Island is not named the ocean state for nothing. If you are a seafood lover, and want to enjoy all the delicacies that the sea has to offer at a reasonable price, then Rhode Island is where you need to be. That said, Rhode Island has over 400 miles of coastline accounting for amazing real state with majestic views of the ocean. And I think, retiring to such a place can be really soothing both to the mind and body. After all, retirement is the only time a person finally gets to kick back and relax a little without staring worries of the world straight in the eyes. Rhode Island’s economy is based on its booming fishing industry and tourism. You might not care much about fishing since you are already going to be retired when you finally move to Rhode Island, but tourism means you get the chance of meeting wonderful people from all over the world. And that can be something to look forward to if you are a people person. Apart from that, Rhode Island is not that expensive to live in, if you know where you can strike a bargain of course.

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