10 Best Places to Retire in Thailand


Thailand is an amazing country. It has a rich history, and awesome cultural practices that date back centuries. When it comes to natural beauty, Thailand has it all. Beaches, lush forests, you name it. It would be a wise decision to retire in Thailand if you can. Well, firstly because of the exchange rate a US citizen can really make a big living in Thailand. And if you think about it, compared to the lifestyle in the United States, Thailand is still kind of laid back. Yes, it does have busy and bustling cities and all that. But, if you are looking to get close to nature, and much laid back lifestyle, you just cannot go wrong with Thailand. And for a retirement visa application, Thailand does not require much form the applicant. You can read for yourself when you get to the full article. This is why Thailand is a very popular retirement destination for US citizens. Unfortunately, this short intro does not allow me to go into further details, but I will definitely point you in the right direction, where you will be able to read it all.

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