10 Best Places to Retire in Vermont


After you say goodbye to your job permanently, it is quite natural that you would not want to live in places that is too chaotic and hectic. You would want to live your golden years in peace and calm, somewhere close to nature and where life is a lot laid back. If this is the your idea of a retirement destination, then you can definitely consider Vermont as a serious candidate. However, there is one small drawback to moving to Vermont. That is, the weather in Vermont. Vermont currently holds the seventh place in the list of the coldest states in America. If you do not like cold, then you are better off somewhere else than Vermont. But, if a little blizzard does not bother you that much, then Vermont can be the perfect place for your retirement. The state has a lot to offer, not only to retirees, but everyone in general. Vermont is famous for its low crime rate, and beautiful scenery. Anyone seeking an intimacy with nature would love the rolling hills and beautiful forests of Vermont. The population density in Vermont is also quite low. So, if you are seeking somewhere quiet and peaceful, the chances of finding that place is much higher here than anywhere else.

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