10 Best Selling Consumer Products in China


Have you ever wondered what the most populous country in the world is spending its money on? Believe it or not, but products made in China are actually bought in China, too! Read on about 10 best selling consumer products in China!

As you are probably very much aware, China is one huge country. Not only is it in the third place in the world based on its size (right after the US and Canada, which share the 2nd place. Russia is the first), but it has the population of stunning 1,411,981,487! That’s almost a billion and a half! Production and market-wise that means China is an enormous market and a force to be dealt with. In the western-oriented world, we sometimes tend to forget one of the basic qualities of huge countries: in some cases, they prefer to keep to themselves. On this subject, that would mean buying domestic products that the rest of the world has hardly heard of. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s analyze the market first.

Actually, Insider Monkey did that for us, so we don’t have to. Not only are you going to find out what exactly Chinese people are keen on buying, but you’ll also have the prices of the products, and in some cases, be given instructions how to use them. What is more, there’s an interesting marketing story waiting for you. See how an obsolete brand turned into a modern company with just a few smart advertisement strategies!

All in all, there are plenty of surprises waiting for you in the list of 10 best selling consumer products in China. Spoiler alert: there will be no trainers or foreign companies here. The Chinese actually love buying their own merchandise. Go ahead and see if you like any. You can always order online, or go shopping in China! Great idea, isn’t it?