10 Best Selling Smartphones in India


India has a population of 1.25 billion people, it was also crowned as the world’s best performing emerging market in the previous year. India with its incredible economic growth in the past decade and with its huge population has managed to attract the attention of major players of todays economy. With the increase in the purchasing power of an average Indian, the market is teeming with opportunity for every kind of business. Though today we will be focusing primarily on the smartphone market in India.

Like any other country the craze for smartphones is growing in India as well. The enormous business potential in the Indian smartphone market is there for the taking, so the most popular brands of smartphone manufacturers are contending for it. When it comes to electronic gadgets, contrary to the western countries, the Indian population often tends to go for a more economical approach rather than owning a premium device. This might give us an idea about the mindset of Indian markets.

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