10 Best Selling Smartphones in The US 2015 Rankings


We are all pretty much aware of what the modern day smartphones are capable of. Their processing power may not be as per with the full fledged computers like the desktop or laptop, but that did not stop it from out selling its bigger counterparts four to one. The strength of the smartphones come from its unmatched portability. The laptop sits in between a desktop and the smartphone, however, to perform everyday tasks, be it recreational or work related a smartphone is all you need.  Why bother with the bulk of a laptop. This is the primary selling point for the modern day smartphones. In the last decade the smartphones have dominated the electronic consumer market and from the looks of it, the trend shall continue well into the foreseeable future as well. However, the unparalleled success of smartphones has prompted many manufacturers to enter the competition with their brands. And that for us end users or consumers translates into a lot of similar options to choose from. Some might consider this as a good thing, but others will definitely find it hard to choose the right one for them.

If you are in the market, looking to purchase a new and shiny smartphone, and having difficulty setting your mind up. Then you have come to the right place. At insider monkey’s blog page, we have come up with a list of 10 Best Selling Smartphones in The US 2015 Rankings. The list basically tells you what percentage of market share a certain smartphone currently holds, and what are the likely reasons behind its success. Just click on the link to read more on this topic.