10 Best Service Dog Breeds For PTSD


Dogs have been called the best friend of man for a very long time. Archeologists suggest that dogs have been the most earliest companion of man, and they have been around human settlements ever since the beginning of civilization. This is why we feel a deep connection towards dogs, and it think it is scientific to say that dogs feel something similar towards us as well. Dogs just love being around humans, I mean as a pet dogs need the least amount of training and petting before you can trust it completely. There are thousands of stories and artworks out there that celebrate this amazing bond between man and beast. Let us talk about PTSD, I am sure you already know what PTSD is. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is a psychological disorder that occurs in some people who have experienced something extremely traumatic. PTSD is a debilitating disease and it can surely ruin someone’s life. There are many treatments out there for people afflicted with PTSD, medication, psychotherapy and other forms of treatment as well. However, dogs can play a significant role in helping someone coping with PTSD as well.

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