10 Best Smartphones with Removable Batteries


One thing can be said about the smartphone market of today, that it is evolving very rapidly. As new technologies become available, manufacturers rush to incorporate them in their latest phone models. This creates some surprising consequences. For example, let us take the battery life of smartphones. For very long manufacturers have struggled to implement an acceptable battery life for smartphones, usually the only issue most smartphone users suffered from is a low battery life of their devices. Now it seems manufacturers have somewhat figured out a solution to that issue by completely integrating the battery into the frame of the smartphone itself. This not only allows installation of a bigger battery in a relatively small frame, and it is also safer as well.

However, this gave rise to a new set of issues. Many smartphone users, like myself, tend to tinker around with their devices by changing this here and there and try to tweak the performance. And this sometimes hangs up the device, you have to keep in mind that smartphones are essentially computers, and in case of a computer, you have the nice and shiny restart button, which is not there on your phone, so its kind of hard to restart your phone if you cannot remove the battery. Another issue is, some users like to keep multiple batteries pre-charged so that they can just swap the batteries out whenever they need to.

Well. if you are picky about this feature, and you are in the market to buy a new smartphone, then you have come to the right place, please click the link to learn more about 10 Best Smartphones with Removable Batteries.