10 Best Summer Jobs for 16 Year Olds


As the summer days roll in on us, if you are a teen eager to make some money, you should start looking for jobs. Well, you can always ask for money to your parents, and if you a good boy or girl, they will get you whatever you want, but why bother them, when you can easily make enough to get the latest video game console or computer upgrade or whatever you need. And the best thing is, you do not need to work full time. But, in my opinion, it is the experience of doing a job that will help you quite a lot in the future, when you finally enter the job market. There are many options available for you in the special job market for teens in the summer. The employers know that summer will bring along new job seekers along with it, and many employers design teen specific jobs. There are also self-employment options for you as well. Like pet sitting or babysitting, you can always do that in your spare time. Many teens across the country, take advantage of the school holidays in summer and make some money. And you should too, not because you have to, but for the experience you can get by doing it.

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