Want to move to the best U.S. cities to find a husband? Great! We are here to help you with Insider Monkey’s hottest article on this issue. Finding a husband has never been easy since ladies have alwas been chosy when it comes to getting married. Funny fact, but when the bicycle became popular, women used it to ride to the neighbor towns to find husbands.

This isn’t different even today, only our modern ways can differ. In the 21st century we have internet, lots of online-dating sites, mobile applications, and we don’t need to make any special efforts fon find someone to marry. Although we can find our love much easier than before, we have to face with completely different problems. Nowadays there are lots of men who are not willing to leave the “Mummy Hotel” even at the age of 30, or they are immature nerd, mommy’s little boy, narcissistic egocentric, frightened of relationships, romantic tormented soul, or even maniac. But don’t be disheartened, as there is the category of normal, who are really kind, have good sense of humor, and of course are waiting for exactly you! Everybody has their own special one, just sometimes he’s not easy to find. If you live int these cities you can see in the compilation, or you are planning to move, you may put up the question: where can I find my husband? Well, the answer is simple but difficult at the same time. Everywhere! It’s a good idea to join a club, or some kind of social organizations, or you visit several social events – but of course not during the covid-19 pandemic. For example you can go to a dance school, gym, or you can start learning a new language. You can visit exhibitions, concerts or go to theatres, cinemas. Another good idea is take up some kind of sports as a hobby, team sports are better.

And now let’s see the list of best U.S. cities to find a husband as Insider Monkey has investigated for you. We have chosen two cities from the list, as usual. Firstly, here is Oakland, California, where the divorcing rate is only 5.6% and the average man annual income is $49,711. Then, Washington, Cloumbia stands on the third spot, as the divorce rate is 4.9 % and the average man annual income is $61,658. For more further interesting and useful information, please check the best U.S. cities to find a husband in 2020.


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