10 Biggest Companies That Hire Felons


Many harbor the misconception that the jail is to keep the felon in isolation only, and its sole purpose is to ensure that people who have committed crimes can never get out into the society. However, for the majority of the prisoners serving sentences, prison is merely a means of their education. This temporary isolation instills the sense of responsibility in them, and also its intended purpose is to facilitate the rehabilitation. It can be argued that there are many prisoners who have committed repeated offenses even after getting a prison sentence, but most do not re-offend. This large percentage of felons deserve a second chance at a normal life, and the companies that we are talking about today allow them this second chance. Most large and reputed companies do not even consider hiring a felon. Many believe that this type of attitude is common in the society and this leads to re-offending. However, not every large company is like that, some companies do hire felons. These people have not been totally integrated back into the society and leading normal and successful lives. The article I am talking about is a must read for anyone who thinks that felons can never be rehabilitated.

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