Whatever is the motive of hackers for data breach attach, the influence is negative always. Organizations can lose lots of critical documents and files related to new products. Further, if those documents and files become accessible to competitors, then it would be highly disastrous. A huge sum of money could also get lost, such as happened in ransomware-attacks. However, the most negative impact of such a security breach is that the details of users of a company become public. On the basis of trust, users shared a huge quantity of personal information with these big companies including name, gender, age, phone number, address, and credit card details. This data leakage becomes disastrous if goes in the wrong hands. We have read the post shared by Insider Monkey related to the biggest companies that have been hacked and found some interesting statistics. Given below is the report shared by Insider Monkey:

“A study conducted by Poneman Institute showed that out of all those users that reported being a victim of a data breach, 65 percent claimed to have lost trust in the company, while 27 percent stopped doing business with the company altogether. Once a company has been hacked, everything from their revenue and losses to reputation and customer trust is affected.” 

Let’s begin with the list of the 10 biggest companies that were hacked. The list starts with Costco Wholesale which is a retail giant firm which has experienced a security breach in 2014-15 whereby the online photo center of the company got hacked. This results in compromising the data of customers including passwords, emails, and potentially credit card details. A statement has been shared by the company to warn all loyal customers who were using the company’s website in those 13 months to remain extra cautious. The next company on the list that has faced a data breach is UnitedHealth Group. An unauthorized 3rd party has breached the data of the company in 2020. The reports collected from the Office for Civil Rights of HHS stated that the data of around 1000 members was compromised including their names, information of private medical claims, and health plan information. Fortunately, the information on social security was not compromised. Do you want to learn which other popular companies were hacked which you might be a member of? Read the post 15 Biggest Companies That have been Hacked.

10 Biggest Companies That Were Hacked