10 Biggest Defense Contractors In The World


Have you ever wondered who builds the high tech fighter jets and state of the art war machines that the military use? I mean the military is indeed quite an effective organization, but it is not designed to build high tech machinery rather it is built to use the high tech machinery with extreme efficiency. Now a days, every military acquisition is made through a defense contractor. These defense contractors are huge companies that specialize in producing military technology. If you have been following recent few military acquisitions the US army made then you know how things work. Basically the military puts out some requirements for a new gadget they want, and these defense contractors signup for the contest. Then they show off what they have come up with and the inspectors from the military assess their products. The best products wins the contract and billions of dollars change hands. This is how basically the defense contractor industry works. Now that said, then entry restriction is quite enormous and this is why entries from new companies are not that frequent. There are basically a few big names that compete among each other.

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