The movies are the pinnacle of entertainment industry. Even though video gaming has been gaining a steady popularity ever since the advent of smartphones, but it will still be a while before it dethrones film industry as the leader of entertainment. Because, up to this point in time, video game development is still a pretty complex affair and only the most developed nations are involved in video game development, whereas developing nations are not. But pretty much every country in the world, boasts a robust film industry. Though Hollywood is definitely the leader, there are many other countries, which make really high entertainment value films around the world. Today we will be taking a look at film festivals that celebrate the high quality cinemas from all over the world, not just Hollywood. If you are film enthusiast, you probably know about some of them. Like the Cannes film festival. There are some festivals, where being featured results in a lot of publicity and prestige for a film. To learn about some other film festivals, please stick around for a bit longer.

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