In the world of entertainment, movies are the last word. Countless movies come out each year, and keep us anticipating their release. And finally, when they hit the theaters and we get to see them, most films entertain us to a great degree. It is a whole experience package, from buying the tickets to leaving the theatre after the movie. No wonder it is the leader in the entertainment industry today, and has been since its inception. A full length motion picture hardly lasts a couple of hours, but it takes much longer in order to film it. And not just time, it is the amalgamation of countless man-hours worth of meticulous effort by everyone involved, from the actors to the spot boy. Also a major part of any film is the studio where it is shot. The studio provides all the facilities and technical staff required for a successful production. Many film studios have established themselves as a powerful brand with considerable brand equity. When these studios make a film it gets good marketing from the start. And we all know, how important good marketing is for any product to succeed.

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