The United States is no stranger to wildfire. The dry conditions of the western part of US is very susceptible to wildfires. By definition a wildfire of wild land fire is an uncontrolled fire in an area of combustible vegetation. But the source of the fire may not always be natural. The wildfires of the US are some of the worst calamities ever to hit the country, weighing in heavily in terms of losses both economic and life. A bad wildfire can consume millions of acres of lands, wiping out entire forests within a matter of a few days. Thanks to the modern fire fighting equipment and brave fire fighters that, in recent years the loss of life is declining from wildfires, but the damage it does to land and property is still significant. Most of the time the reason behind wildfires are natural, such as lightning, but sometimes arsonists have been known to cause wildfires and sometimes campers by mistake do not put out the campfire properly and wildfire erupts. We do not have any influence over what Mother Nature decides to do, but we can influence our actions, and practice caution to prevent such large scale calamities.

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