10 Biggest Global IPOs


The IPO is usually known as an initial public offering. According to its name, IPO is referring to organizational shares which are offered by the company to the public who buy them at a particular price. Once this IPO is completed, the trading of shares continues publicly, and then prices will be adjusted in accordance with that. Those companies that are engaged in IPOs for receiving money from their shareholders and will then utilize that money for further growth. This is the reason that majority of the largest firms in the USA and other nations are publicly traded and the majority of them are mid-sized firms. For example, one of the largest private companies is Cargill in the USA, the company is the biggest in terms of revenues and still is not listed in the 20 largest companies in the USA that are publicly traded. But why investment is made by shareholders in such companies? What kind of return they will get? Well, they receive returns in 2 forms; either through an increase in the share value or through dividends. 

Now, you might be wondering why all companies do not have IPOs then? For sure, more money becomes equal to a more or high level of success and no downsides are there, right? Well, this is not the case. The initial thing which occurs when you get an IPO is that you will not remain the only owner of your firm. All individuals who purchase the shares will get some percentage ownership of the organization, whereby this percentage dependant on the quantity of shares bought by them divided by the total quantity of outstanding organizational shares. As opposed to the common belief, you could still have the ownership of the public firm if you have 50% or more shares of the company. We are going to share the 10 Biggest Global IPOs in light of the list shared by Insider Monkey in their post. 

We are starting our list of the Biggest Global IPOs of all time with AT&T which is a US-based telecommunications company is considered as the largest telecommunication firm in the entire world that contained an IPO in the year 2000. The total value of its IPS is $10.6 billion. The next biggest Global IPO company is Dai-ichi Life which is the 3rd largest life insurer company in Japan. In 2010, the company has its IOP whose total value is $11 billion. If you want to check out other biggest global IPOs then continue reading 15 Largest Global IPOs of All Time.

10 Biggest Global IPOs