10 Biggest Industrial Companies In America


The industrial company is the one that is involved in the manufacturing of capital products which are used mostly in the construction of manufacturing. Some of the businesses in which these industrial companies are engaged usually involve manufacturing and selling of equipment, suppliers, and machinery that are fundamentally utilized for the purpose of making other products and are not considered as the products that are meant for end customers. In the USA, the largest industrial companies are engaged in different sectors including defense, lumber production, construction, metal fabrication, aerospace, cement, tools, and waste management. This sector has become relatively smaller in the USA as the scope of the manufacturing sector reduces whereas the services sector boosted by bounds and leaps. Moreover, wages being paid in the industry are high relative to other industries and there is the growth potential of high level as well. Around 8.5% of the employees in the USA are engaged in the manufacturing industry, and even the employment in the sector got reduced by 1/3rd starting 1980s. With the involvement of the latest technologies, automation, and efficiencies, 2.5 times increase in production has been observed. This industry is also offering indirect employment opportunities to people. Around 17.1 million employment opportunities were directly associated with manufacturing in 2013. 

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“The combined revenues of these companies exceed $380 billion, while their profits are a massive $26 billion, despite just one company making a loss of nearly $5 billion. They also have assets worth more than $676 billion and provide direct employment to close to a million people. The market cap of these companies in March 2020 was more than $480 billion.”

Rockwell Automation is one of the biggest industrial company which is offering industrial automation and IT services and products and is working in 100 different nations. There are more than 23,000 employees in the company and the revenues of the company are $6,695 million as per the reports of 2019. Dover is another company on the list which is producing different industrial goods including refrigeration, pump, engineering products, and food products. There are more than 24,000 employees in the company and the total revenues are $7,136 million as of 2019. You can learn more about these companies at 15 Largest Industrial Companies In The US.

10 Biggest Industrial Companies In America