10 Biggest Kickstarter Failures


The kickstart incorporated is a company that has the potential to revolutionize how independent projects are going to be funded. It is basically a website that allows anyone with an idea to pledge for funding for their project to users of kickstarter. And the terms are quite simple too, the person who envisioned the project has to set a pledge amount and the deadline by which the funds has to be collected.The kickstarter incorporated bears no liability to what happens to that project afterwards. One may ask why would people want to donate their hard earned money to anyone, for a project even without the guarantee of its completion. Well, if the project does get completed, for backing the project in its early stages, all the backers are offered exclusive perks, although, as mentioned earlier whether the backers get what the signed up for is not a matter of concern for kickstaters incroporated. So caution is highly advised, when investing in such kickstarter projects.

Apart form this grey area, the concept of kickstarter is a very novel and unique one. We got to see some exciting projects take to life because of kickstarter, otherwise this projects would never have become a reality. But that is a topic for another day. Today let us talk about some “failed” projects. And by “failed” I do not mean, that these projects failed to acquire the pledged sum of money, along with that the very idea behind some these projects could be consider absurd and ludicrous.

If you are looking for fun reading, just go the following link, 10 Biggest Kickstarter Failures. I assure you there is some serious fun to be had, when you go through this article in detail.