Pesticides are biological substances or chemicals which are used for controlling, destroying or repelling fungi or plant or animal form which could be hazardous for the health of humans or other living organisms. These are classified normally in accordance with the substance from where they originate and the kinds of pests these could repel. Fungicide is one of the pesticides which is utilized for killing parasitic fungi. While insecticides are utilized for killing insects and herbicides are utilized for the purpose of killing unwanted plants. There is a huge diversity of pesticides due to the diversity of pests or organisms. Most of the farmers worldwide are practicing the process of intensive farming. This particular method utilized mechanization and agricultural tools for maximizing per hectare productivity. This uses chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The technique of intensive farming saves a lot of money and makes use of less space on land for high-level produce. The growing world population demands that the quantity of food production should be increased. The utilization of chemical substances such as pesticides minimizes the production cost and maximize productivity. 

The purpose of writing this post is to share some details about the 10 biggest Pesticides companies as reviewed by Insider Monkey. The first company that we are going to review is Nanjing Redsun Co Ltd which is engaged in the research as well as manufacturing of various agricultural products. There are 21 subsidiaries of of the company. The company is producing a broad variety of chemical products such as coating, fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, and other fine chemicals. The company is selling its products in different nations. Eco-friendly pesticides are also produced by the company including HCN-based agrochemicals, pyrethroid insecticides and similar others. This company is also a big producer of a chemical known as pyridine which is utilized for making pesticides. According to Insider Monkey:

Nanjing Redsun is one of the few companies that produce environment-friendly pesticides. The company has witnessed impressive growth and development over the past years. it is certainly one of the leading pesticides company in Asia.

The next company that we have selected is Kumiai Chemical Industry which is the biggest company involved in the production of different types of chemical products. As per the report of Insider Monkey:

“It has 14 subsidiaries and 78 branches all over the world. It markets its products in North America, Latin America, and Asia. It is a known producer of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, acaricides, microbial pesticides, and PGR.”

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10 biggest Pesticides companies