In this article we are going to read about the 10 biggest questions in science, published by Insider Monkey recently. As a matter of fact, science is everywhere in our life, it affects every moment in day. We use the results of science when we are woken by an alarm clock, make a coffee with the coffee machine, or put the cup into the dishwasher. We also use science when we get into the car and go to work, or when we call up our beloved ones via our smartphones. Science also helped to defeat lots of fatal diseases, build engineering wonders – modern skyscrapers, and even to write this article on my laptop. It also helped modern agriculture to be as we know it today. Due to scientists, modern crop has extremely large yields comparing to those fifty years ago.

And what those famous biggest science questions? We have opted for three questions from Insider Monkey’s list for today. Come with us, and you will see what they are. The first one can be “Where do we put all the carbon?” The carbon emitted by fossil fuels is accumulated and is very harmful for our climate. Humanity has to find out urgently, how to solve this problem. There is an idea of burying it deep into the oceans, but it won’t stay there long, for sure. It hasn’t been solved yet. Another scientific question is about our memories. How are they stored and retrieved? There are many questions about memory, such as where they go, why is that we can remember something unremarkable from decades ago, while we forget what we did yesterday. Actually, brain research has lots of surprises and many questions for the future. Or we could ask what is consciousness? According to Insider Monkey’s research” it works through different brain regions networked together rather than an isolated part of the brain.” For more interesting questions and some possible responses, please see the link of the biggest questions in science.


I am from Hungary, Europe. I graduated as a theologian, and social pedagogue.