10 Biggest Trucking Companies in America


The term trucking basically means, hauling cargo from one place to another via ground transportation. And since heavy duty trucks are used for this purpose, hens the term trucking. Trucking companies or haulage companies accept cargo for road transportation in exchange for a fee. There are companies operating in this field of business as well as independent truck drivers, who directly work for the client. But our focus today is going to be on companies. These trucking companies hire truck drivers under a contract, and these companies also acquire work orders from the client. However, there are numerous trucking companies out there, and from a client’s perspective, the client is always looking for a company that not only will meet but also exceed the expectation of the client. And finding that right company from the bunch can be a bit difficult job. Also, the highways are not exactly a safe place, and you want your cargo to be in good hands, and in an event of a disaster, at the very least you wish to be compensated for your loss. Therefore, going for the best trucking company is very important.

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