10 Bottled Water Brands Without Fluoride


Bottled water has been gaining popularity ever since its introduction in the late 1970. In recent years, bottled water has become so popular that it left even the soda behind when it comes to raw consumption numbers. Okay, let us talk about fluoride now. So what is it, and why should we avoid it in our bottled water. To be honest, what most of us would think about fluoride is that it is a substance mainly found in toothpaste, and fluoride keeps our teeth healthy and prevents tooth decay. Which is absolutely true, fluoride is a mineral substance that does help prevent tooth decay, especially in children. However, tooth paste can be found in various other sources than just toothpaste. It naturally occurs in the environment and like everything else, consuming too much of it could potentially lead to health problems. This is why we must keep an eye out for this substance in our drinking water. We take in enough fluoride already, and we do not need fluoride in our daily drinking water for sure. So, if you want to avoid fluoride in your drinking water, then I highly recommend that you take a good look at our article.

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