It has not been that long since the first true airplane took off for its maiden flight. It all started with the right flyer taking to the skies in the year 1903, and now a little over a century later, airplanes have become a mainstay in our society. Statistics show that it is practically safer to travel by air than to travel by road. Also, traveling by air is extremely convenient as it saves up an immense amount of time. Therefore, it has become the primary means of travelling across a considerable distance from point A to point B. Literally millions of people travel through the air every day, and thus making the airports all across the world one of the busiest places. Even though airplanes are the safest vehicles for travelling, but they do require meticulous maintenance work, and most of that is done in an airport as well. Airports acts as the hub of aviation industry, one of the most promising industries of the current century. It is a joy to learn about airports in general, and today we have for you a list of 10 Busiest Airports in The World by International Passenger Traffic.

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