10 Celebrities With The Best Social Media Skills


Today we will be talking about celebrities. Oh, by the way, if you are looking to read some gossip about them, then I am quite sorry to disappoint you. Because today we will not be doing that, rather talk a few celebs who are doing things the right way, at least when it comes to social media skills. Like the rest of the world, celebrities have become quite accessible to their fans, if they choose to be. And that has been possible through the magic of social networking sites, like the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These websites have enabled fans to have a great degree of interaction with their favorite celebrities. And many are fans and celebs are utilizing this medium to their benefit. But being a celebrity and being a social media person are definitely not the same. That being said, we have taken a look at the celebrities and their social media pages, and have ranked them down based on their total number of followers on such websites. The ranking process was not that difficult, because numbers do not lie, but going through the long list of celebs has definitely been a bit off putting. Our effort can only be justified, when you find our article to be entertaining.

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