No matter how you look at it, or whatever is your take on life, one thing is certain that life is not easy. Yes, if anything, it can be easier for some in comparison to others, but it most certainly is not a walk in the park on a sunny afternoon. And at times, you just cannot help but feel the urge to start it all over again. But alas, only a select few are able to actually do such a thing. Closest thing to a reset button that we may have access to is, to go to a faraway land. And try to make things work there. However, there are many other reasons for a person to want to move to a different country. And if you are looking to go to a country where you can live in peace without breaking the bank, then I think I might be able to point you in the right direction. We have dug up relevant information about this topic, and have managed to make a list of countries where you can stay for an extended period of time for dirt cheap.

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