10 Cheapest Smartphones With A Gyroscope for VR


I am sure you know what VR is, VR stands for virtual reality. A technology that we have known  about since the early 90s but only recently we have actually managed to come up with gadgets that can take full advantage of this particular technology. There are some big tech companies that are working to develop the best VR headset. However, the drawback to these VR headsets is the cost. Take the Oculus Rift for example, a full set up with a computer capable of running VR will cost you thousands of dollars. On the other hand, the cheaper alternative to this is the technology based on the Google Cardboard. Where the image processing unit is your smartphone, and you just place a couple of lenses in front of your smartphones screen to get the VR effect. This is how most people are taking advantage of VR. The plus side is, the cost is only a small fraction of a full VR setup. I mean, you are going to buy a smartphone anyway, you just need to add a few dollars for the VR box and start enjoying VR. However, while buying your smartphone, you must make sure that it has a gyroscope sensor, otherwise the VR will not work.

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