“Here comes the rain again, falling on my head like a memory,
falling on my head like a new emotion…” This is probably what people living in 10 cities with the most rainy days in the world are singing every other day. An umbrella is a must if you’re headed this way, so unless you’re a real pluviophile (a person who loves rain), it would be best to set off somewhere else.

It’s been said that the weather exists so that people would have something to talk about. There are two types of people when it comes to rain: those who love it, and others who hate it. The first simply adore precipitation and say the sound of raindrops against the window pane is an instant stress relief, while the latter loathe the very idea of water drops falling down from the sky. They would certainly hate it if they had to spend a couple of days in these cities. Showers, downpours, occasional drizzle…These cities have it all.
You should bear in mind, though, that this list isn’t ranking cities according to their average annual precipitation. Of course, you are going to find that information, too, but the main criterion was the average number of rainy days per year. The last on the list has a bit over a hundred, but there are plenty of cities that have around 200 murky, gloomy days. As well as this, there’s information about the wettest place on the planet. The place is literally called “land of the clouds.” The rainiest place in the world has 11,873 mm (467 in) of rain every year. Dwell on that the next time you feel upset because it’s a rainy morning and you can’t catch a taxi to work. Imagine doing that all the time.
We believe this is enough information to make you intrigued and wish to click on 10 cities with the most rainy days in the world.